Tammy Saltzman, JD

Tammy is a Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator able to handle various cases that would fall under the family law court system. Prior to obtaining her family law mediation certification, Tammy has been practicing family and real estate law in Florida since 1999. Tammy graduated Barry University, Miami Florida in 1995 and Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1999. Tammy quickly learned that Collaborative Divorce methods and the Mediation Process helped couples resolve disputes in a cost effective method and without the bitter fighting that accompanies the litigation process.  Tammy is passionate about helping couples resolve their issues by giving them the power to choose their own outcome instead of giving that power away to the Judge.

Tammy works with attorneys who must mediate certain issues prior to going before the court. She works as a Court Appointed mediator for couples who cannot decide on which mediator to use. And finally, she works direct with couples who want to avoid attorney fees by settling their own issues by themselves. Tammy has been known as someone who is a creative ideas person, thinking outside the box, and often is able to suggest creative compromises that are right for that particular situation. Tammy is patient, motivating, and an impartial advocate reminding the parties to stay focused on the issues while leaving their emotions at the door.